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Photography provides me with a vehicle for capturing the unique character of our surroundings. I have had a life-long passion for photography that began as I grew up in Wisconsin. I had the opportunity to take photography classes in high school where I began to develop my skills as a photographer.

My work in photography continued in college where I majored in graphic arts and design and continued to refine my photography skills. Following college, I taught photography at the high school level and found great satisfaction in helping others discover photography as a creative outlet.

While in college, I had the privilege to go on a photo shoot with Ansel Adams who came to campus as a guest lecturer. Spending a day in the field with Adams had a significant impact on both my interest in photography and the approach that I have taken in my own work. While the techniques he demonstrated were helpful, what I learned most from him was patience. The patience he demonstrated as he made certain every condition was just right to produce the best possible photograph is an attribute that I have tried to emulate in my own work.

A majority of my work focuses on photographing landscapes, primarily in the southwest. I also enjoy capturing the architectural character of placed where people live and work.

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